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Since the 1920s, directional drilling has been a fundamental part of the gas and oil industry. The technology may have improved as time goes by, but the concept of this type of drilling remains the same. It allows multiple wells to be dug from the same vertical bore in a way that minimizes their environmental effects. Improvements in global positioning technology and drilling sensors have contributed to the vast improvements in directional drilling technology. Nowadays, a drill bit’s angle is controlled with advanced accuracy via real-time technologies. This provides the industry with several solutions to drilling challenges in a way that reduces costs while increasing efficiency.

Several tools are used to achieve directional drills. They include bottom hole assembly configuration, whip stocks, three-dimensional measuring devices, specialized drill bits and mud motors. From one location, it is possible to drill various well at myriad angles, tapping on reserves that are over a mile below and miles away.

Often, a non-vertical well is drilled through simply pointing the drill in the desired direction. There is a more complex way performing directional drilling whereby a bed and a downhole steerable mud motor are utilized. This method is used to hit targets that otherwise would not have reached with vertical drilling.