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Horizontal Directional Drilling

At Terra Firma, we have years of experience with every type of drilling job. No project is too big for us to handle, and we’ve provided support for hundreds of civil construction projects in Victoria.

You can trust us to handle your project with care, no matter what services you need. Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) is one of our most highly sought-after services. Whether you’re installing an underground pipe, cabling, or any other utility lines, our drilling contractors offer timely, reliable, and professional drilling services. Learn more now.

What Is Horizontal Drilling?

Horizontal drilling is the process of drilling a shallow-depth hole below the surface of the ground. This allows pipes, cables, and other such utility lines to be buried without the digging and reburying of large trenches.

Compared to trench digging, horizontal drilling has a much lower impact on the surrounding environment and vegetation, and is much less labor-intensive, as lines and pipes do not have to be “re-buried” after they are installed.

Gas and oil companies often make use of horizontal drilling when installing pipelines, both for transporting oil from a well, and when creating pipelines that are built alongside refining facilities.

Horizontal Directional Drilling Victoria Services by Terra FirmaWhat Is Directional Drilling?

Directional drilling, also known as directional boring, refers to the use of a drill to create any hole that is not vertical. Typically, directional drilling is done in three steps. First, “pilot holes” will be bored into the ground, through a receiving hole and an entrance pit.

Then, when the pilot hole has been dug, the drill will begin boring through the material. Because the path of the drill is set when the pilot holes are dug, and the drill is set to drill only as far as the pilot hole, directional drilling is very safe.

It’s often used in urban areas where existing utility lines make digging a trench difficult, and where minimum disruption to traffic, wildlife, or people is required.

Why Choose Terra Firma For Horizontal Directional Drilling?

Need horizontal directional drilling for a construction or utility project in Victoria? We’re an ideal choice. Here’s why!

  • Experienced in all ground conditions and material types – From soaking wet earth to bedrock, concrete, granite, and more – we’ve dug through it all, and no material will prevent us from providing you with fantastic drilling services.
  • Multiple drills available – We have two powerful, top-of-the-line drills, and multiple construction crews. We can handle drilling projects of any type, size, and complexity – guaranteed.
  • Proven track record with satisfied clients – Our reputation in Victoria precedes us. We have served companies in every industry. From oil & gas companies, to commercial property owners, construction companies, utility and internet companies, and more. You can contact any of our past clients, and learn more about what makes us such a great choice for horizontal directional drilling. Contact us to set up an interview!

For these three reasons – and many more – we are an ideal partner for your next drilling project.

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